To travel and to live carrying the earth with us. To demonstrate that it is possible
to enjoy the freedom of the avant-garde while remaining faithful to our
culture, valuing our roots. That’s Lorca; And within
the constellation of his world, reality is more raw, nature is wilder,
and emotions more intense.


En el aire conmovido / mueve la luna sus brazos / y enseña, lúbrica y pura, / sus senos de duro estaño. We present Luna, the first
capsule collection within the Lorca Universe. For the poet, the moon
symbolizes the external forces that guide us: love, life, death.
Following his trail, we now present unique pieces in which we evoke the Lorchian
Moon through gold, spheres, and textures that remind of
the roughness of the lunar surface.


Like Lorca, we vindicate the encounter between modernity and a return
to our roots. Applying artisan jewelry-making
processes, we look at the past and rescue the trades and knowledge that
have always accompanied us. In a world in which careful work,
time and hand-made items are valued
less and less, we proudly go against the grain.

Primera Laguna
150 €

<< Bajo el agua
siguen las palabras.
Sobre el agua
una luna redonda
se baña,
dando envidia a la otra
¡tan alta!
En la orilla,
un niño
ve las lunas y dice:
¡Noche; toca los platillos!>>